KFC Menu Boards

As part of my work with Fabrikat, I designed and oversaw the manufacture of various units used to display brand content and menus in KFC stores and drive-throughs.



Each screen section has a removable back panel for easy screen fitting and access to the internals. These panels include pressed louvres for effective heat dissipation. 


Users can view the digital menu on the three large LED screens, before communicating with the store staff via the speaker, microphone and camera inside the side box to place their order.

The design also features LED lighting for night-time visibility, demonstrated by moving the slider. 



The digital menu board can be dismantled for ease of shipping and installation. The detachable base allows the top section to be removed and replaced without damaging the groundwork. 


For this project, as well as many others at Fabrikat, I produced technical drawings both for the client and the factory workers. To the left are some of my drawings for the 3 screen unit.



I oversaw the fabrication process in the factory, and worked with the manufacturing team to guide the production of initial prototype units, which are now in-place at several trial locations.