Focus is a compact productivity tracker that allows the user to set and track deep work periods, eliminating distractions like social media feeds, messages and emails in seconds.

This was a 10 day long project for my Live Project module at Loughborough, in response to the brief provided by Cambridge Consultants: Design a consumer or medical device that improves wellbeing. 



To begin a work period, the user simply rotates the bezel clockwise, setting the desired time. The cross-device content blocker will then engage, disabling content from the user’s blocklist and muting notifications.


Focus displays the remaining time on the dial during the work period, and cannot be disabled. Since the device syncs with the smartphone app, the work period will continue whether the device is on or off.



The device pairs with a smartphone app, which facilitates the cross-device content blocking, and allows the user to track their session data. In the app, the user can monitor their work time, modify their blocklist, and control which devices are connected. The app can also be used to set work goals and routines.


The circular LCD is connected to a main logic board, and controlled using the rotary encoder, which reads the bezel rotation.

Exploded View

Ideation and Prototyping

Rough sketch ideation and card prototyping were useful tools alongside CAD development to iterate and test both the physical concept and the UI.